Concrete Coasters: The New Trend in Home Decor

Concrete Coasters: The New Trend in Home Decor

Trends change over time. Some remain timeless, while others fall out of favor and come back. Staying on top of everything might be a challenge. So many options are available, so picking a home design might be intimidating. 

On our website, you may get various concrete coasters forms and methods. Anybody would be tempted to stock them all because of their talented artistry and chic color schemes. Please don't feel bad about binge buying; you can utilize our concrete coasters as several other décor accents. 

Follow this design advice, which explains that coasters can be used for purposes other than holding beverages.

Whether you want to change a few pieces or an entire room, here are some Concrete Coasters to get you started:

Concrete Coasters: How Can You Use Them?

Concrete coasters look great in your foyer.

We all want to open the front door to positive energy and successful prospects. To arrange items, you should strive to tidy the entryway area and combine using various coasters.

Concrete coasters will enhance the style of your dining table.

The most adaptable decorating items are coasters, particularly when you want to liven up a plain dining table.

Make your office more eye-catching with concrete coasters.

Well, those who don't give up are rewarded with incredible things. However, many people may not always favor working from home. Therefore, you may try to jazz up that place with our exclusive line of Concrete Speckled Coasters that offer colored decoration on top to make your workstation appear more appealing and inspiring.

Coasters made of concrete for a tranquil bathroom retreat

A bathroom sanctuary is defined by items like healing crystals, fragrant potpourri, a rich selection of handcrafted soap bars, and similar items. You must arrange all of these items for comfort, and concrete coasters are the ideal choice for fusing form and function.

Warm & Cozy Elements

Hygge is one of the top interior design ideas for 2022 because it has evolved into a timeless and well-liked style.

This style favors anything that makes your environment cozy, inviting, and comfortable for you. Because it is individual and can change from person to person, it offers great flexibility and alternatives.

This trend may be seen, among other things, in circular furniture with gentle curves and deep seats, rich and soft materials, elements and shapes inspired by nature, and more.

Blue Hues

You're sure to locate the ideal shade for your desired look because blue is a versatile color that can blend in without any trouble with various color schemes and design concepts.

Furthermore, you can be confident that blue will remain fashionable across different interior design trends.

Match Specific Design Theme:

With square concrete coasters, you can create different looks in your house, ranging from darker navy to light, baby blues, and electric aqua. Navy is a good choice for walls.

Concrete Speckled Coasters - BeautiesbyHand

Make Something Stand-out:

Aqua is at the other extreme of the color wheel; it is a vibrant, electrifying shade meant to stand out. A few accents of this color in your design may make items pop out and offer a fascinating layer to a room, even though it could be too much for an accent wall.

Supporting The Room's Design:

Blue tones are fantastic for décor and can play a more supporting role in a room's color scheme.

Without making more substantial or long-lasting alterations, you can incorporate this interior design trend into a space with blue accents that go well with your other colors, such as curtains, throw pillows, area rugs, lampshades, art prints, and even furniture.

Natural Elements

The drive toward eco-friendly design and an emphasis on sustainability keeps growing in strength and acceptance. Materials like wood, metals, concrete, marble, terracotta, stone, clay, and more frequently appear in various forms.

Wood: Wood is a common option when it comes to natural elements. It is adaptable in the uses it may be put to and the range of colors, grains, and other options it comes in.

Brass and Copper: Although conventional choices like wood or granite are usually safe, this trend puts other materials like concrete, stone, copper, and brass at the forefront.

Concrete: Over the past few years, concrete, another flexible material, has been increasingly popular in interior design. Interior concrete walls, tables, furniture, or even floors give your home a natural and occasionally industrial appeal.

Sustainable Materials

Most of these sustainable materials focus on reusing plastics, despite some overlapping with natural elements.

You can incorporate this trend into your house by using bioplastics and recycled fabrics that reuse things and have a minimal environmental impact on things like furniture, walls, counters, and more.

Statement Pieces

Statement elements appear to be a common interior design trend, regardless of the year. The beautiful thing about this trend in interior design is that there are so many different alternatives. Almost anything can serve as a statement piece that draws attention, grounds the space, and offers you a central idea for your design.

Additionally, many of them coincide with the current housing trends. 

It could be time to consider purchasing a custom home if you're trapped repeatedly remodeling your current residence even though it still doesn't feel like home.

Adding concrete speckled coasters to your home this holiday season will add a special touch!

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