Hello and welcome to my store. I am Christina, the founder and creator of Beauties_by_Hand. I am from the Garden State of New Jersey and the mother of three beautiful children. Since I was a little girl, I loved to create things; my earliest creations were hairstyles and outfits for my dolls. Designing school projects and planning classroom experiments were also among my first loves. Over the years I have evolved in my ideas and have been inspired by many things around me. I am excited to share the evolution of my ideas with you.


Each piece is conceived with love, visualized, formed and tooled into a product I myself would be proud to own. Then I carefully scrutinized and enhance each creation until it becomes a, handcrafted piece you will enjoy. I believe creativity is only limited by the creator.


My creations are handmade from concrete, wood, resin, and fabric my favorite elements to work with. Products include resin and concrete coasters, a variety of earrings, bracelets, rings, keychains, office accessories, and jewelry holders. I hope you enjoy owning them as much as I enjoyed creating them.