Beautiful Purple Pendant Necklaces to Enhance Your Style

Beautiful Purple Pendant Necklaces to Enhance Your Style

A woman's necklace accumulates memories the more she wears it, and its significance only increases with time. No matter how you want to wear jewelry, we recognize your individuality and know that you adore discovering pieces that perfectly reflect your personality.

There is a pendant necklace concept here for everyone, whether you enjoy wearing lucky jewelry that you never take off or want items that express who you are.

Necklaces for a woman usually come in all shapes and sizes. Be it an occasion, they can be used in every style and experience and are budget-friendly. However, there are various necklaces that you can find either online or offline. 

The following guide guides you through the 10 different types of necklaces to help you channel your inner fashionista. 

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1: Pendant Necklace

This one is a must for all jewelry lovers, and pendant necklaces are one of the most versatile ornaments. It will enhance your style statement but also allows you to show off your personality. 

However, some trending styles include the tree necklace, moon, stars, bars, and stones. You can get the 18-carat gold chains, as these are popular metal choices. Also, the necklace with the purple pendant is suitable for all necklines.

2: Choker

While wearing a secure clasp around your neck, the choker necklace can be made of metal, ribbon, velvet, and even leather. Thus, this type of necklace is best suitable for U-neck and off-shoulder necklines. You can also choose purple pendants and add charisma to your outfit. 

Simple jewelry, such as stud earrings and a simple necklace, might help you project a professional image. A pearl necklace and diamond earrings will make a statement if you're going for a more traditional appearance at a formal event.

If you want to create an edgy style, try big jewelry; if you want to create a glamorous image, wear bib necklaces and chandelier earrings.

3: Collar Necklace

Collar necklaces are great for off-shoulder necklines, boat necks, and turtle necks. When wearing these types of necklaces around your collar region, these necklaces can lead you to an elegant sophistication for your evening wear. 

4: Charms

Charms necklaces are one of the best ways to express your personality, and wearing a chunky charm necklace will take the spotlight as the centerpiece. However, at an average length, these necklaces are paired with solid colors and all necklines. 

5: Opera

Although, the perfect necklace is for those who want to add a bit of drama to their attire. Opera necklaces range from 30 to 36 and can be worn looped around the neck. These are made of pearls or beads and work well with turtlenecks, high necks, and scoop necklines. 

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6: Matinee

In between 22 and 24 inches in length, matinee necklaces are perfect for plunging necklines and go well with business clothing. These necklaces, typically made of beads and stones, are shorter than opera necklaces and sit close to the bust.

7: Locket

Locket necklaces always seem to have an air of mystique about them. These tiny amulets are suitable for a casual outing when worn over scooped and square necklines. They can be a portrait of a loved one, a small keepsake, or a pocket watch.

8: Lariat

The lariat is a chic necklace style that looks like a Y and has no clasp, making it a perfect match for low necklines. The ends are looped, knotted, or crossed over, giving your design a playful touch of drama.

9: Princess

The princess necklace is a style that, as its name suggests, oozes royalty. These necklaces have glistening stones of all different sizes and shapes that descend to a central drop piece. It works well with a strapless dress or a plunging neckline, and it's ideal for formal occasions like weddings.

10: Chain

The short chain is the most understated and adaptable kind of necklace. Chain necklaces are ideal for everyday use and go well with formal attire and beautiful tiny dresses. They also flatter all necklines and come in various lengths and metals.


Any clothing and fashion must include jewelry. It may be utilized to start a discussion, accessorize any outfit, make you feel more confident, make a fashion statement, and even serve as the ideal present. Remember to wear some lovely jewelry if you want to up your sense of style and give your appearance some flair.

The jewelry selection is influenced by your personal style. It establishes the guidelines for using accessories. The accessories you choose will also depend on the style of your dress and the situation.

In truth, you might not always pick the ideal jewelry for your style. Therefore, you might have to experiment with different pairings before deciding on one that harmonizes nicely.

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